Preventative Care

Preventative care and early disease detection can help your pet live a long, comfortable life. Yearly physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm and fecal exams are recommended. For older pets or pets that are being treated for medical problems, more frequent exams may be necessary to ensure your pet continues to maintain a good quality of life.payton4.24.2015

Annual Physical Exams

A thorough physical examination is the most important thing that happens on each visit to Adams Farm Animal Hospital. Physical abnormalities ranging from ear infections to cancer need early detection only regular examinations can provide. During your pet’s visit, we will perform a complete exam and evaluate your pet’s age, breed, and lifestyle to determine the risk of potential disease. After discussing your pet’s needs, we will recommend a preventative health care plan and vaccination schedule for your pet.

  • Perform a thorough “Head to Toe” exam; checking the ears, eyes, lungs, heart, weight, mouth, coat and teeth…
  • Update vaccination status accordingly
  • Review parasite control for intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, and heartworms
  • Review dental care you give at home; any mouth odors, pain, or other signs of disease you may have observed
  • Discuss proper nutrition! This includes what your pet eats, how much and often, what supplements and treats are given, and changes in water consumption, weight, or appetite


Location Hours
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Sunday hours for boarding services only.