Nov 29 2016

Have a HAPPY & SAFE Holiday Season!

Even though the holiday season is a happy festive time for families, it can be stressful and even dangerous for our pets. To ensure your holiday goes off without a hitch, please consider the following:

Our pets can become stressed during the holidays. The new faces and increased activity in the home may cause them to retreat or even act out.  Make sure all family members understand the importance of respecting your pet’s space and that your pet has a safe and quiet place to go when they need a break from the fun. Also, the increased traffic in the home increases the chances of pets escaping. Keep tag and microchip information up to date! If your pet does not have a microchip, we strongly suggest you allow us to do that for their safety.

Unfortunately, our fur babies are unable to enjoy the delicious treats that we look forward to over the holidays. Many of our foods are even deadly to them! Chocolate, turkey bones, onions, garlic, alcohol, fatty food, yeast dough, gravy, raisin/grape, corn on the cob, nuts, coffee/tea and xylitol are all on the NO! NO! List. If your pet consumes any of these foods, please call Adams Farm Animal Hospital immediately, 336-854-5980.

All of us here are THANKFUL every day for the amazing families and pets we are so lucky to serve. Please have a safe and happy holiday!

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