Aug 07 2014

Independent Pathologist Report Confirms No Deaths Related To Trifexi

Independent Pathology/Necropsy Reports: Confirm deaths are unrelated to Trifexis – Many of our clients have asked about the recent media story attempting to relate Trifexis to a number of dog deaths. An independent pathologist has determined that the cause of deaths were unrelated to the administration of Trifexis. ┬áThe above summary was derived from the individual pathology/necropsy reports which led the individual attending veterinarians in each case to also conclude that Trifexis was not the cause of death. This information was verified by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association. Please remember:

  • Heartworm prevention is critical to your pet’s health, so please do not stop giving your pet his or her preventive.
  • There are several choices of medications for heartworm and parasite prevention in dogs, and we can help you choose the appropriate preventive for your pet. If you have concerns about your pets preventive medication or would like to discuss other medication options, please let us know.
  • Our hearts go out to those people who have lost their beloved pets and who feel it may be due to a medication. It’s always difficult to lose a pet, and we know it can be even harder to lose one unexpectedly. To date, however, it’s important to note that no deaths have been definitively linked to Trifexis.

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